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Avonside Renewables – – Outsourced Drawing – PV Installation

To assist in the drawing capacity during a temporary surge in workload, Avonside Renewables outsourced drawing work for the positioning and arrangement of some of their solar panels, onto an existing design provided by third-party architects.

The work involved various drawing amendments to size and position the company’s standard PV panel arrangement into the tile patterns shown on the architect’s elevations.

A total of 11 plots were outsourced to me to assist Avonside in meeting their deadlines, and the work was all successfully delivered on time to the drawing specification given by the Client.

This saved the need for the Client to employ temporary staff members, and spend time and money training them, providing workstations and allocating additional software licences. The work was all done on a time-charge proving to be an extremely cost-effective method for dealing with surges in workload.