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Drawing Outsourcing for Professionals and Companies

One of my previous employment roles before starting my own company was to manage a technical design team at a well-respected RIBA practice. One thing that was clear week in week out was drawing capacity needed to be monitored. Most of the time we were busy, on occasion not so much, and sometimes, as with all practices, deadlines are such that we needed to bring in extra temporary support to meet our deliverables.

The norm was to go via recruitment agencies, who do exactly as advertised, providing temporary staff members on short-term or rolling contracts to see that the work was delivered; but these come at a cost, and not by any means a cheap one. Once agency fees were covered on top of the candidate’s hourly rate, the profit margins were slim to non-existent. Still, the work gets delivered and the system works.

However, there are other options. By directly outsourcing drawing work during those peak busy periods to a trusted and 15 year-experienced Technologist offers the following benefits:

  • No agency fees to pay
  • Ad-hoc availability either paying by hourly or daily time-charge
  • Repeat work builds a relationship of trust and assured quality
  • No need to provide in-house workstations or additional software licences


Aracus Ltd already provide freelance drawing services or a number of professional companies in the UK. Drawings are produced to the specification of the appointing company. Layering systems and fonts are all done to the Client’s specification and drawings can be delivered in the appointing company’s titlesheets ready for issue.

We can use our own in-house online file sharing system for drawing management or by simply sending us a link to your project folder we can work within whatever permissions you require.

I find this process works best with a regularly scheduled visit to your offices to discuss design briefs and quality standards.

Prices are available via email, whether it be an hourly or daily rate, or as a fixed fee for a particular package of work.



Lluesty Hospital – Conversion to residential apartments

Pay-as-you go freelance design consultant services for a Manchester based Project Management company, developing a former Hospital site in North Wales.


Drawing Outsourcing (Multiple Schemes)

Avonside Renewables

Outsourced Drawing to assist in the installation of photovoltaic panels to residential buildings.

Drawing Outsourcing for Professionals and Companies