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Barn Conversion, High Peak

Barn conversions really are the type of project that I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of doing. This project came to me with planning permission already in place after an awful lot of hard work by David Sutherland Architects. The job was to take the project through building control and onto site.

Unlike a house refurbishment, barns present a lot more challenges, with large changes in ground level, undulating surfaces and of course animals! The design for this project had to take into consideration the findings of ecological surveys mainly focussed around birds and bats. Accessible ridge tiles were designed in to allow for sections of the roof void to be used by Pipistrelles.

The main challenges on this job were getting around the changes in floor level, to create a level floor throughout, without undermining the shallow foundations of the building. The design for the new roof to create sections of open vaulted ceiling involved some clever structural design by Richard Houghton of Sine Aequalis. Some of the original timbers were re-used to form feature purlins and retain some of the history of the original building in a new “cottage look” design to all the current standards for housing.

All in all a very satisfying project which went through Building Control at the first visit, and onto site.