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Commercial, Industrial & Agricultural Packages

New-build effluent plant housing, Lancashire

RIBA Stage 1-5 architectural drawing packages and consulting services for commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings.

It’s clear that three main factors drive the success of any design work associated with the commercial sector:

  • Speed of delivery
  • Quality
  • Cost

Commercial buildings often represent more of a functional project than an artistic statement, and some of my recent clients who have come to me for buildings within the manufacturing and agricultural sectors are seeing the benefits of the Technologist’s approach to design delivery.

My background in technical architecture, and even going further back to my days of fabrication and assembly design taught me the importance of the three points listed above. I’ve worked on many projects where, as a Technologist, I’ve stepped in on a project where there was already friction between the Architect and Contractor. Turning these jobs around into a successful build is rewarding, but it does make me think why should it start like that in the first place?

Aracus has a growing portfolio of commercial and industrial projects, which are all based around the three key factors I consider to be most important in their delivery.

Speed of delivery

I know from having delivered numerous projects in manufacturing just how critical the start date for operations can be. Programmes are tight, and anyone who works in the sector is all too familiar with this, but this is something we need to work with. Designs need to hit the ground running and not be back and forth too many times with ideas. Time really is money in this sector.


Not only in terms of drawings, but in service. Again, relating back to item one, there are days when I need to drop everything and be available for site visits so work can continue, but this is something my clients like about working with me. I pride myself on making my time available to client if it’s needed to review something on site. Quality-wise, my clients, contractors and sub-contractors all praise the level of work they receive. I work on a one-to-one basis with my clients, so they know they can pick up the phone to me at any point, and not be passed around the houses with multiple staff members.


Many people still pay for an Architect to design their industrial units, only for the work to be passed to a Technician or Technologist for the later stage work. My one-to-one working allows for me to keep overheads to a minimum, and I feel this is reflected in my costs.

My previous employment has seen me deliver projects for Clients including the following:

  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Costa Coffee
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Dupont
  • Audi
  • Kier Group
  • Diageo 

Aracus Architectural are happy to take on projects requiring up to £5m in professional indemnity cover. Copies of the relevant professional indemnity policies are available to support all contracts. 


CR Beard Farms – Proposed Grain Store

Design for a new-build Barn / Grain Store as part of an agricultural scheme under permitted development

Little Hall Farm, Ormskirk

Proposed Agricultural Works – Extension of Holding into Rear of Site